Handmade glass beads, lightpulls, furniture knobs and collectible miniatures all made in North Devon.

Hello Lovelies!I am Kerensa and I melt glass!  From my studio in North Devon to your home, I make every step in the process from conception of ideas and the evolving of those concepts to real glass objects.  A fully personalised service as there is only me and I do it all!!!
I have a BA Hons degree in Ceramics and love to make things.  I can't just sit still and do nothing!
I have been lampworking (melting glass in a blowtorch and making stuff with it) for over 10 years now and still love it.  I have days where I just make plant charms and another day making lightpulls but i love love love every single day.  I open my studio shop 9-3, Tuesday to Saturday and work from home on sundays and mondays doing photographing, marketing and packaging.
I love to demonstrate this artform and you can find me openly working on my torch whenever my studio is open.  I also run one to one teaching sessions which will move to groups when I can expand.
I like all things cute and fun.  My favourite things to make are lightpulls, toadstools on anything and everything and tiny cute miniatures.
My inspiration comes from my surroundings in the beautiful North Devon countryside.  I live 10 minutes from a beautiful sandy beach and love to walk my dogs there, rain or shine!

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